Javelin is a developer of casual, social,
and mobile games.

Javelin specializes in wide-range software solutions starting from simple websites to really complicated applications. We develop multiplayer online games with large audience for the most popular social networks and create casual mobile games for different platforms (Android, iOS.).

Game TDP4:Team Battle - was our first project, which very soon has captured the market of Multiplayer games. Breathtaking atmosphere, well-balanced gameplay and brand-new interface led to success. TDP4 had been topped for 4 years at, the biggest USA game portal.

TDP5:Arena - continuation of the legendary game took 1st place in the "Game Village" competition at the international conference GameDev Days 2015 in Estonia.

Only because of our creative and cohesive team of IT professionals, company Javelin succeeded without any outside investment. We are so proud of the fact that our company was build in Estonia and we are full of new ideas and fresh point of view. We are young and ready to change the game world again and again. We are Javelin!